A brief history of the conference series

The International Conference on the History of Chinese Science and Technology (ICHCST) is a series of conferences organized by the Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology (CSHST), which was founded in 1980. The first conference of the series was held in 1982 in Leuven, Belgium. So far, CSHST has organized 14 international conferences of the series in cities around the world:

1st ICHCST 1982 Leuven, Belgium
2nd ICHCST 1983 Hong Kong
3rd ICHCST 1984 Beijing, China
4th ICHCST 1986 Sydney, Australia
5th ICHCST 1988 San Diego, USA
6th ICHCST 1990 Cambridge, UK
7th ICHCST 1994 Shenzhen, China
8th ICHCST 1998 Berlin, Germany
9th ICHCST 2001 Hong Kong
10th ICHCST 2004 Harbin, China
11th ICHCST 2007 Nanning, China
12th ICHCST 2010 Beijing, China
13th ICHCST 2012 Athens, Greece
14th ICHCST 2016 Nanjing, China

The up-coming conference is the 15th of the series, to be held in Yerevan, Armenia.