Time Zone

Yerevan and the whole Armenia is in the UTC+3:00 time zone (but due to time shift the time difference is UTC + 4 hours). During the days of the Conference daylight time will be almost 16.5 hours. Sunrise time is at approximately 6:00 a.m. and sunset is approximately 20:20 p.m.


Armenia is often described as a sunny country. Its climate ranges from dry subtropical to cold weather. It is rather hot in summer, but cold in winter. The average temperature in the hottest months July and August is +34°C (max), +17°C (min) and in the coldest month January is -2°C (max) and -9°C (min).

During the Conference, in July, you may anticipate dry (an average 52% humidity is expected) and warm weather. Rare light rains may be expected.

Local Currency

The Armenian currency is called Dram (Armenian Dram, AMD), and all payments (hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, transport, etc.) are accepted only in AMD. Paper notes are issued in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 AMD. Coins replace all banknotes less than 1000 Dram (there are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500). The exchange rate is now (15 January 2020) approximately 1 EUR = 537 AMD and 1 USD = 480 AMD. However, it may slightly change. You may easily change EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, and other international currencies to Armenian Drams in any bank or exchange offices. ATM machines in Yerevan function in accordance with the Plus Global Access Network, Visa, and MasterCard systems.

You can find daily currency exchange rates in Armenia here: http://cba.am/EN.

Electric Plugs

Electric plugs in Armenia are like European ones (with two round pins). Both thin (Southern Europe) and thick (Northern Europe) ones are in use. Standard voltage in Armenia is 220V (AC) and the frequency is 50 Hz.

Armenian alphabet and most commonly used phrases

ArmCorresponding Eng LetterSounds as

Ա ա


Բ բbb
Գ գgg
Դ դdd
Ե եee
Զ զzz
Է էee
Ը ը-a
Թ թtth
Ժ ժ-zh
Ի իii
Լ լll
Խ խ-kh
Ծ ծ-tz
Կ կkk
Հ հhh
Ձ ձ-dz
Ղ ղ-gh
Ճ ճ-tch
Մ մmm
Յ յyy
Ն նnn
Շ շ-sh
Ո ո-o
Չ չ-ch
Պ պpp
Ջ ջjj
Ռ ռrr
Ս սss
Վ վvv
Տ տtt
Ր րrr
Ց ց-ts
Ու ուuu
Փ փpp
Ք քtt
ԵՎ և-ev
Օ օoo
Ֆ ֆff




շնորհակալությունshnorakalutyunthank you
բարի գալուստbari galustwelcome
խնդրեմkhndrem1. please, 2. you are welcome
բարի գիշերbari gishergood night
կարելի՞ էkareli e?may I?
ի՞նչ արժեinch arzhe?how much is it?